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The Sounds of Innovation

The Cacophony Project exists to put better tools in the hands of everyone engaged in the battle to make Aotearoa Predator Free.  So when we hear DOC's Program Manager for Predator Free 2050 excited about our tools having the possibility to "really change the game", it helps confirm our belief that we're on the right journey.

A protocol for monitoring with Thermal Cameras

In the area of monitoring, we suspect that Cacophony’s thermal cameras have the potential to deliver three keys benefits:

  1. A substantial reduction in the effort required to monitor a reserve
  2. A substantial increase in the amount of data produced from monitoring efforts
  3. A substantial increase in the quality of data produced from monitoring efforts
But those are just assumptions, and they need challenging.  So a field experiment was born.  And today we share some of the results.

The news is spreading...

Regular readers of this blog will have noted our recent pivot in focus.  Our team are busy working on our thermal screening device and the devices are already out at Beta testing sites helping employers keep their staff safe.  We're pleased to share how the media have been taking notice of our efforts.  And a look ahead to how we see our solution fitting in with some of the innovations that are being designed to help keep New Zealand safe from further outbreaks.