The Cacophony Project Community

The Cacophony Project is nothing without its community of designers, developers, researchers, supporters, and friends. This is where we recognise people who have given us the benefit of their time and expertise!

The Team

These people have contributed to the project by giving us the benefit of their expertise and time. Nothing happens without their hard work, so many thanks!

  • Grant Ryan - Project initiator/coordinator
  • Menno Finlay-Smits - Project Manager/lead developer
  • Cameron Ryan-Pears - Main engineer for project
  • Tim Hunt (Wintec) - Cacophonometer lead developer
  • Clare McLennan - Software engineer
  • Dave Lane - Open source design and Drupal CMS integration
  • Jessica Lyons - Social media (Concentrate Ltd)
  • Matthew Aitchison - Machine Learning
  • Brent Martin - Machine learning (University of Canterbury)
  • Elaine Murphy (DOC) - animal behaviour
  • Roger McKenzie - Hardware technical advice
  • Finn Maunsell - Cacophony Index - bird song analysis
  • Gray Rathgen - Designer
  • Kate Haley - Supporter
  • Paul Campbell - Electronics design
  • Tim Sjoberg (ZIP) - animal behaviour 
  • Mark Nikoria (Wintec) - data visualsation
  • Michael Busby - Website design and development
  • Max Johns - Content
  • Matt Kavermann - Digital lures
  • Alex James and Michael Plank (University of Canterbury) - Modelling and statistics
  • Stephen Marsland (Massey University) - Bird song analysis
  • Shaun Hendy - Science supporter

Friends of the Project

These kind folks and organisations have provided their support, promoted us to their networks, or have generally helped us along the way!

Main financial contributors


Other companies offering services for free for the project

Other supporters

We’re pretty sure that if you listen hard enough, you can hear the birds thanking our supporters.