The Cacophony Project technical update for June 2016

Field testing a prototype Cacophonometer

Over the past few months we have continued our field testing of the device, with our core focus to complete all Version One features.

The table below shows each of the features of the project so far and gives an indication of the progress that we are making.

There are three stages of development for each part. Our first priority is to get all components of Version One of the device completed, so we can continue with the second part of the project - field testing.

Although we have had lots of interest from people, we are currently not up to the stage of supplying a product for consumers.

While we are still deep in the learning process, we’d like to extend an invitation to anyone who may be able to help in regards to technical development of Version One and field testing. Find out more about the project or contact us if you would like to get involved.