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How Can You Help?

The Cacophony Project is a mix of technical innovation and conservation. We’re designing our own hardware, collecting a huge amount of data, looking for new ways to analyse sound and video, and building software to show the world what we discover. If we get it right, we’ll discover the best ways to protect New Zealand birds.

The project is completely open source. This means that anyone can contribute.

If you know the difference between JavaScript and Python, and know that a Raspberry Pi isn't food, you could help improve our software and hardware. The project has many aspects and uses many different technologies. If you're into software development, data science or tinkering with hardware we might have a project that interests you.

Head to our technology page for more.

If bits and bytes aren't your thing, you can still help! As the project progresses we'll need more sites to host devices,  people to help with data tagging and people to try out the software we've created. We also love hearing about your ideas for the project and general news about invasive predator eradication in New Zealand.

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