Cacophonometer - July update

July update - now that's sounding like I might do regular updates...

What have I been doing?

  • Have received a few phones from Spark and so now have lots to test on their network - along with the data SIMS to allow uploading of recordings far from wifi.
  • Testing another solar panel.
  • Fixing bugs in Cacophonometer code - seems different phones / operating systems show up different errors.  For example on a Samsung GT-S5360T running Android 2.3.6 (10) would not write to the 'normal' file location that works on all the other phones - fixed.
  • Reported back to my local environment society about the device installed in 'their' gully/park. 
  • Testing the use of a microphone that is part of a ear bud headphone - cheap one that came with a phone.

Some lessons:

  • I hadn't noticed this before, but when sunshine hits the solar panel, the phone screen turns on automatically and only turns off after the set time (in system settings).  This is a pain as far as wasting power is concerned.  I'm trialing the app Snoozy that although can't stop the screen turning on, does turn it off again almost immediately - but will Snoozy actually use more power....  Note: the Snoozy app on Google Play is the wrong one - use the link I've just given. 
  • Old phones - one phone kept dying just when I was about to install it in the wilderness - not sure if it was the phone or something I was doing (including rooting the phone).  Kept doing a factory reset and eventually after about 5 or six resets it just completely died :-(
  • Power saving - Set volume on phone to silent/off - not vibrate.

Next version:

  • I'm not confident that the latest version is ready for release, but will add it here when it is for now use the version attached to previous blog.


  • Have had the first class with a great group of students - they are choosing which part of The Cacophony project to work on (hopefully some will choose testing) - great fun.