Cacophonometer Update

Latest version of the Cacophonometer can be downloaded from link below.  In this version:

  • Newer versions of Android OS try really hard to save power - which meant that the phone wouldn't wake up when it was supposed to do on Android OS > Jelly Bean (4.3).  Have now tested on our 'reference' phone the ZTE Blade A110 running Android  5.1 (Lollipop/22).
  • The interface has been updated to include features such as 1) 'walking mode' that will beep to warn you it is taking a reading and update the GPS location, 2) Keep internet connection alive (for remote access), 3) Keep internet off and save to memory card (for areas with no internet access).

Remote access

I've been trialing AirDroid ( to enable remote update/configuration.  Initial results show that it does not consistently connect to the phone but still hopeful.

Future work:

The fragmentation of the Android OS means that what works on one phone can break on another.  So still need to do lots of testing on different versions.

Happy recording