Goodbye Huub, Hello GP and thanks everyone!

The Cacophony Project is fortunate to have many talented people helping to move it forward.

This week we say goodbye to Huub Nijs who found us while visiting New Zealand on a working holiday from the Netherlands. Huub is a highly skilled system administrator and has put in many hours improving our server side infrastructure. Thanks to Huub, our backups are in order, our software is properly deployed and our systems are monitored. Unfortunately, Huub's time in New Zealand is coming to an end and he needs to return to the Netherlands. Thanks very much for all your efforts!

It's not all sad news though as we have a new member of the core development team to announce. Giampaolo Ferraro (GP for short) has been helping the project as a volunteer for a while and has now come onboard as core developer. We're looking forward to the accelerated pace of development that GP's talents will bring. Aside from programming, GP likes to get out the surfboard when he's in the ocean and a longboard skateboard when he's on land.

The Cacophony Project has built up a community of volunteer developers, designers and engineers who make regular open source contributions. We are indebted to them for all their hard work. Given all the new contributors, we thought it was time to produce a new version of the animation showing project's evolution (last done in September 2018). Enjoy!