Introducing Clare

Hi I’m Clare and I’m the newest member of the core Cacophony Project team.

I’m a passionate outdoor adventurer, native flora and fauna lover and an experienced software developer. I love the interesting and diverse nature of the Cacophony Project and find it exciting to be able to work on a project aligns perfectly with my values and interests.

Since starting with Cacophony in January I have worked on a number of different tasks. I have created an automated testing suite for the API server to speed up our release process. I’ve improved the interface for classifying animals. However, my biggest task to date has been putting together a system for scheduling and recording audio lure usage. This work is nearly ready for action, and I am looking forward to seeing the results!

Recently I sat down and had a fun chat to Espree Devora from the Women in Tech podcast. We talked about The Cacophony Project and the amazing journey that working in IT has taken me on. You can listen to the whole podcast here.