Securing the ends of predator proof fences

Around New Zealand, a number of highly dedicated people have spent some of their precious funds to install predator-proof fences to protect sanctuaries.  Fences leak, predators often finding ways to get around the ends of the fence.  Today we share some very pleasing updates from Mamaku Point on Rakiura. 

Alongside our partners at, we have been helping the team at Mamaku Point to identify and deal with invasions from predators into their conservation reserve.

This site has proven to be a prime location for one of our favourite use cases.  A combination of our thermal cameras that can notify the ranger when a predator is seen on the wrong side of the fence and our high interaction rate trap that can catch the predator before it gets deeper into the reserve. 

Our partners at 2040 take up the story here:

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Publication Date: 
Monday, 28 November 2022