Software updates released

New software updates to our online portal and our Sidekick app.

We've recently released a number of improvements to our online portal and to our Sidekick android app.

If you're a user already you'll know how our portal makes review of recordings and analysis of visits easy.  We're now making the management of your group of devices much more powerful and have introduced a (semi-manual - more automation to come) integration with  And we know most of you have multiple people reviewing recordings so we've added a "Flag for Review" label to allow you to nudge a colleague to take a second look at a recording you might not be 100% sure about.

If you're servicing cameras in the field, you'll have spent some time with our Sidekick app - we've made a number of improvements to the app now.  The latest version is released to our beta channel users - we'll make it available to everyone once it's proven itself stable enough to help you all :)

For details of all the changes, take a look at the blog entries on our partner site at

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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 10 August 2021