The Sounds of Innovation

The Cacophony Project exists to put better tools in the hands of everyone engaged in the battle to make Aotearoa Predator Free.  So when we hear DOC's Program Manager for Predator Free 2050 excited about our tools having the possibility to "really change the game", it helps confirm our belief that we're on the right journey.

If you're not a subscriber already, we highly recommend DOC's Sounds of Science podcast (

In the latest two episodes, Brent Beaven has been talking about his experiences in his role as DOC's Program Manager for Predator Free 2050.  In Part 2, he shares his views on some of the innovations that might get us there.  It's worth a listen:

We quote: "Imagine having a trap where, if you're a kiwi or a tuatara, you can walk all the way through it and nothing happens. And it's only when it goes, ah, you're a possum, we know you’re a possum! we need to get rid of you, that it goes off."

We're not imagining any more - we're working on it.  Our trap's intelligent trigger is in development.

We're proud to be helping Brent and all the other great people out there doing the mahi.

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Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 2 June 2021