Techweek 2019: Tech for Good panel

Last week, Menno Finlay-Smits from the Cacophony Project participated on a Techweek 2019 panel which was centred on the idea of "Tech for Good". The panelists each represented an organisations that each attempt to "do good" in the world in its own way. We discussed various ways that organisations can do this, as well as emerging entity structures that focus on more than just profit.

Photo of room: Techweek 2019 Tech For Good panel

The audio from the discussion was recorded and turned into an episode for Stephen Moe's Seeds podcast:

Many thanks to Steven Moe for facilitating the session, Ian Wells for organising and Parry Field for hosting the event. Thanks also to the other panelists - Tim Jones, Georgia Robertson, John Ascroft and Dave Lane - for an interesting and enlightening conversation.